Optical Services

Mauer Eye Center Optical was built with the finest amenities and architecture to resonate our care for you and it is one of the largest opticals in the state of Iowa. Our experts can help you choose the frames or contacts that are perfectly suited to your lifestyle. We offer hundreds of designer styles that allow you to both look and see your best!

EnergEyes Collection. . . exclusively by Mauer Eye Center

ModernEyes- Life on the Cutting Edge
  • Thinnest and lightest lenses available
  • Easy-to-clean, anti-static lenses repel dust, fingerprints, and oil
  • Most advanced progressive designs
  • W.A.V.E. Technology™ improves contrast and widens field of vision
  • No-glare lenses with state-of-the-art Crizal® technology

StyleEyes- On the Forefront of Fashion
  • Thin, light, and flat for a cosmetically-appealing profile
  • UV protection helps slow signs of aging around the eyes
  • No-glare, virtually invisible lenses help you look your best
  • Progressive design options for no-line look

RejuvenEyes- Active and on the Go
  • Safest, most comfortable and lightweight material
  • UV protection for all outdoor activities
  • Durable lenses to keep up with active lifestyles
  • Progressive designs for any activity
  • No-glare lenses with the industry's best scratch protection

JuniorEyes- Lenses Made Just for Them
  • Virtually indestructible lenses
  • Scratch resistance and ease of cleaning
  • Safest, most comfortable and lightweight material
  • No-glare lenses with UV protection

StandardEyes- A Sense of Simplicity and Real Value
  • Lightweight and durable
  • No-glare lenses for better clarity and comfort
  • Progressive or bifocal designs
  • Safest, most comfortable and lightweight material

There are many reasons to consider investing in a second pair of glasses. . .

ComputerEyes- Anti-fatigue Glasses
With widespread use of computers and other electronic devices, many people develop symptoms of Visual Fatigue Syndrome (VFS) or Computer Vision Syndrome (CVS), including eyestrain, headaches, blurred vision, and neck pain. Specialized lenses can now relieve these symptoms and provide clear, comfortable vision for computer use and other activities.

SunEyes- Protection and Comfort
Sunwear provides crucial protection against the harmful effects of UV rays. It also makes driving safer and more comfortable by reducing glare. Polarized lenses improve your perception of color, eliminate harsh reflections, and help you to see important details.

SafetyEyes- Work or Play
Being 30% lighter and 10 times more impact resistant than standard plastics, polycarbonate lenses provide comfortable vision protection in all activities. They also block 100% of UV rays.

StudyEyes- Reading
If you regularly read for extended periods of time, consider a dedicated pair of reading glasses. No-line progressive lenses deliver the highest levels of visual comfort and performance.

FashionEyes- Endless Style
The variety of frame styles that are available today is almost endless. You don't own just one pair of shoes - why limit yourself to one pair of glasses?

Contact Lenses

The contact lens department at Mauer Eye Center offers a wide array of contacts and services. Our professionally trained staff works with each patient to meet their specific needs. They train new patients on insertion and removal of contacts and how to properly care for them. Our staff also informs patients of the most current contact lenses suited for them and works with patients to insure their vision is the best possible.

Our department offers a large selection of contact lenses including vendors such as Bausch and Lomb, CIBA VISION, CooperVision and VISTAKON®. We fit soft contacts, gas permeables and custom lenses. Our staff is able to fit lenses for single vision, astigmatism and multifocals. Custom lenses available include Aphakic and Keratoconus.
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